News from Illinois City

Laura Mcginnis/Correspondent

The descendants of Dorsey and Agnes Gorham met at Randy and Laura McGinnis' home for a noon potluck dinner. Those attending were Helen Gorham, Dave and Kathy Gierlius, Greg Gierlius and Kourtney Johnson, Rick and Maxine Sedam, Kyle and Roxanne Anders and Montgomery, Julie Lloyd and Jordan, Lucille Gorham Dekeyrel, Denise Hammer, Darrell and Peggy Dekeyrel, Sharie Einfeldt, Matt Dekeyrel, Mason and Mitchell, Julie Humiston, Donnie and Dee Dekeyrel, Richard and Billie Dekeyrel, Darrin Dekeyrel and Kehlee, Darrin and friend Michelle Swank, Dana and Angie Dekeyrel, Alexis, Douglas, Dake and Alayna, Gary and Danette Kelting, Lindsay and Collin, Pat McGinnis, Bill and Amy Duncan, Trent and Cael, Andy and Abby McAlister, Rylan and Rydge and Ali McGinnis.

Nikki Ross, daughter of Toni and Howard Ross, pastors at Illinois City Methodist Church, returned to Iowa State, Ames, Iowa. Nikki has been an intern helping with youth activities at the church. She had a very busy summer.

William and Annette Leopard hosted a back to school cook-out for several youth of the area last week. Good food and fun for kids and adults!

Howard and Toni Ross will be starting back to school on Sept 11 at the Garrett Seminary in Springfield. These weekend classes make for a busy time.

Diane Leuth is back to work after knee surgery. We missed her in church for a week and as our local hair care person! Good to see she is doing well and back on her feet.

Dean and Judy Reason Tomlin were back from Indiana for a wedding in the area. So on Friday they picked up Lila and Ralph Keller, Dean is Lila's brother, and drove to the Iowa Cedar River area. Lila's other brothers Duane and Larry live in that area and joined the day's activities. Other cousins attending were Vi Davidge and Carol Brown.

Linda Siegenthaler hosted a family reunion at her new home. Campers and a lot of good food came with her family members. Linda's brother, Bernard Resch and his wife Mary Ann, came from Mauston, Wis. Their three children also attended. Sharon and Scott Menard, Nicole and Jenifer, Sue and Shawn Goyette, Emma and Brandon, Bob and Donna Resch and Megan. Several friends also joined in the visiting from the Quad Cities. Linda's family, Lyle, Scott and Chris Samples, Bob and Cindy Trevarthen and Jim Siegenthaler. The three-day event was a joyous time for all.

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