News from Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

Visitors of Marilyn and Fred Welch recently were Ruth and Leslie Guilinger, formerly of Little York but now from Savanna. Also visiting were granddaughter Jennifer and daughter Onalee Horner of Mediapolis, Iowa.

When the Mothers of Twins Club met recently Maxine Stoutt and Debra Darrah joined them at the School House restaurant in Kirkwood for lunch.

Mike Stoutt of West Palm Beach, Fla. had spent two weeks visiting his mother, Maxine Stoutt and has returned to his home.

Doris and Lawrence Lee's recent house guest is her brother Jerry Shike of Bethel, Conn. He and Lawrence took an eight-day motorcycle trip to the Lake of The Woods. It was cold and rainy on the Canadian border. On the way home they stopped to have lunch and a brief visit with some Shike relatives at Sponner, Wis. During their absence, Doris accompanied her sister-in-law, Edna Johnson of Monmouth, and they drove to Great Lake to visit Greg and Dee Ann Foley at their lake cottage near Grove, Okla. The lake temperature was 83 degrees, down from 92 degrees the week before.

Shirley and Bob Darrah, were shoppers in Praire De Cheen, Wis. last Friday.

Debra and Jim Darrah, Shirley and Bob Darrah were visitors in the Lawrence Lee home Saturday evening.

Bob Perrin attended the grave-side services for his friend Robert Clark of Galesburg on Tuesday.

Bob and Wilbur Perrin celebrated belated birthdays when Donald and Marilyn Owens took them to dinner at the Jubilee Restaurant for dinner.

The planned summer swim for the Little Cedar congregation turned into a ball game before the cook-out at the Aledo park and was well attended and enjoyed by all.

The confirmation class at Little Cedar will not meet until Sept. 6 at 9 a.m.

Greeters for the month of September are: 6- Chad and Nancy Olson and family, 13 Jeff and Mellissa Olson and Family, 20 Mark and Marcia Noles and family, 27 Helen Jane Nicol and Marjorie Smith.

Liturgists for the month are: Sept. 6 Caleb Olson, Sept. 13 Austin Colbrese, Sept. 20 Emma Schnere, Sept. 27, J.C. Campbell.

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