Dragon will be removed from Intermediate school floor

Robert Blackford/Editor

The days are numbered for the Green Dragon on the floor of the commons of the Mercer County Intermediate School. The Mercer County Board voted to have the Green Dragon removed at its Sept. 9 meeting at a cost of about $400 to the district. The floor will be replaced by blank tiles.

Prior to the board meeting a special meeting was held in order to conduct an expulsion hearing. The board voted to expel Student A for the remaining part of the school year.

A cash committee was formed to decide the best ways to handle cash at the different buildings. The committee will review how cash is handled at the buildings and refine the policy there.

Troy Riddell spoke to the board about his company providing services to the district as well as in depth discussion of Duralast and its application.

Mercer County Superintendent of Schools Alan Boucher noted that the students are adapting well to the new district. "The students have shown a willingness to adjust to a different learning environment."

Boucher added, "We had outstanding community support at our first home football game."

The board agreed to purchase 50 more lockers for the boys locker room at a cost of $1,900 to the district. Boucher said they had underestimated how many lockers the district would need noting football gear such as pads was taking up more space than they initially realized.

The board hired an aide at New Boston, Cimion Norwick. The board will also hire a new high school aide. Both aides will work one on one with students.

Boucher noted that the board has not settled on substitute pay as of yet and that discussion over a new contract with the district's teachers is ongoing.