Judy Richmond Volleyball Classis is Sept. 19

Staff reports

The Judy Richmond Volleyball Classic will be held at Mercer County High School on Sept. 19 at 8 a.m.

Eight teams are in the tournament including Mercer County, Sherrard, Galva, ROWVA, Ridgewood, Lo-Point/Washburn, Unity Christian and Ashton-Franklin Center.

Left Pool

Mercer County

Unity Christian


Ashton-Franklin Center

Right Pool






Fifteen team members allowed.

Thirteen-minute warm-up before games at 8,9. Three-minute serve time will be allowed before the rest of the games.

2 out of 3 game match will be played with each team in your pool. Games one and two will be played to twenty-five. Third game will be played to fifteen. Tie breaker is head to head and points scored. A team's position in its round robin will determine what place it plays for in the finals.

Court One (Left)

8 a.m. Mercer Vs Galva

9 a.m. AFC Vs Unity

10 a.m. AFC Vs Mercer

11 a.m. Galva Vs Unity

Noon AFC Vs Galva

1 p.m. Mercer Vs Unity

Game Two (Right)

8 a.m - Sherrard Vs ROWVA

9 a.m. - Low Point Vs Ridgewood

10 a.m. - Low Point Vs Sherrard

11 a.m. - ROWVA Vs Ridgewood

Noon - ROWVA Vs Low Point

1 p.m. - Sherrard Vs Ridgewood

2 p.m. Announce All-tourney Team

Place Games

2 p.m. - Court 1 Vs Court 2 7th place (Court 1) winner will be 7th place, loser 8th.

2 p.m. - Court 1 Vs Court 2 5th place (Court 2) winner will be 5th place, loser 6th.

3 p.m. - Court 1 Vs Court 2 3rd place 3 game match (Court 1) winner is 3rd, loser 4th.


3 p.m. - Court 1 Vs Court 2 1st place 3 game match (Court 2) winner is 1st, loser 2nd.

Trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Also Six individuals will be All-Tourney and win a plaque. (Coaches will vote for top six players).

Hospitality Room provided for coaches. Concession stand will be open.