4-H programs bring in new fees in 2009

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The University of Illinois Extension Service is implementing a 4-H program fee starting with enrollment members in September 2009.

Each member will be assessed a $20 per year 4-H Program fee as members of community clubs, special interest groups, Cloverbud groups and after-school programs that meet regularly.

A majority of the fee will stay locally and be used by the local program to help 4-H support costs. Six dollars will be forwarded to the state 4-H program to provide educational, technical, and logistical support to maintain the 4-H program at all levels. According to the Illinois Leader, a publication of the University of Illinois Extension, the program fee will be used to help maintain the quality of the 4-H program.

No individual will be denied participation in 4-H due to the inability to pay. Extension offices may be contacted for scholarship information or other payment assistance. Clubs and groups may choose to do fund-raising or collect donations to offset the 4-H program fees for their members.

With the implementation of this fee, there may be some families in Mercer County unable to enroll their children in the 4-H program. Individuals interested in aiding these young people may contact a 4-H leader, a club member or the Mercer County Extension office at (309) 582-5106 to obtain more information.