News from Illinois City

Laura Mcginnis/Correspondent

Chris and Marie McCalley had their annual Gourd stock on Saturday night for employees, friends, neighbors and store customers. A delicious pork BBQ supper was served with all the trimmings. The band Creeping Charlies was moved inside to a warm greenhouse for an evening of great music. Bonfires and hayrack rides were offered for the folks who wanted that chill of fall air. A great party!

Julie Thirtyacre, daughter of Jack and Sue Thirtyacre, married Jason Gregory of Muscatine. Randy and Laura McGinnis and Ali McGinnis attended the Wendy Thomas and Matt Gygax wedding in Roswell, Ga. Wendy is the daughter of Dave and Sarah Gray Thomas from Buffalo Prairie. All the family members from Buffalo Prairie, Hamlet, Illinois City area enjoyed the sights of the Park Resort and the Atlanta area.

Ralph and Lila Keller went on the Pearl Button Boat for a potluck luncheon and ride on the Mississippi. The Hon retirees get together once a month for a gathering, Lila retired from Hon. The weather was great and it was a good time for all.

Phillip, a young German adventurer, age 25, stopped at Hilltop greenhouse Saturday night for directions to a local church! He was invited to stay for supper at the gourd stock event by the McCalleys. After supper he went on down the road to the Illinois Methodist Church. There a group was watching a movie and eating popcorn so he joined them. Philip stayed over at the church. He thought Illinois City folks were really friends and we were a nice village. He biked from California to Chicago covering 100 miles a day. He will take a train from Chicago to New York then fly to Germany. A great road trip for this young college man on school break.

Abby and Andy McAllister entertained 50 family and friends at their annual wiener roast. A great potluck supper was enjoyed and a bonfire for warmth on a real chilly night.

Our local stain glass gal Lori Rickets has been busy preparing for LeClaire Days. She will take new stain glass window to the event. After her hard work she will be going with Laurie Carpenter’s group to Des Moines to see the show Wicked.

We wish Helen Gorham a get well wish post surgery at University of Iowa Hospital.