News from Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

Doris Lee attended worship service at the Sunbeam Presbyterian Church on Sunday when her cousin Sue Shike was commissioned as lay pastor of the Sunbeam and Center Presbyterian Churches.

On Thursday Kathleen Worthington attended the Warren and Henderson County Home Economists annual meeting held at the café in Roseville.

Jim and Debra Darrah joined the rest of the Darrah family when they gathered at the Roseville Café to celebrate the 28th wedding anniversary of Sherri and Scott Walters.

While Kathleen and Lyle Worthington's daughter Kelly visits with her brothers and families in Rochelle, her husband Steve Edson, is coming to Little York to help Lyle harvest beans.

Suzie Simpson has been spending time at the Aledo Hospital visiting with her brother Lewis Lloyd, who suffered a stroke on Friday.

Gayla and Brad Garland traveled to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. over the weekend to visit with relatives.

Blanket Sunday will be Oct. 18.

After worship on Oct. 25 there will be a potluck dinner and a budget planning meeting at the Little Cedar Church. The annual Congregational meeting will be on Nov. 15.