News from Matherville

Stephanie L. Surr/Correspondent

Well, it’s official. The holiday season has begun with Halloween over. I’ve already heard Christmas commercials on the television. I found myself thinking about where I would place my Christmas decorations now that I have changed my room. Sad.

Matherville celebrated Halloween last Sunday. Children from around the area showed up for the parade that has been an annual event for a number of years. Costumes of every kind could be found among the crowd. The parade started at the Old School Park and ended at the top of Matherville Lake. Awards for costumes were handed out and a wiener roast followed. The weather was beautiful.

Soon after, at five, Trick-or-Treat started. Five minutes into that, the sky opened. Rain, rain, — It was everywhere. But so were the Trick-or-Treaters. People could be found everywhere as they made their way to their next destination. Everyone’s MUST STOP was at the Haunted House. Margie Stockwell, for many a year has decorated her yard for Halloween. Each year is different. Many in the neighborhood have contributed to the worthy cause. Rarely is anything bought new, or full price, yet the time and love put into the design is there and appreciated as well. Children will start begging and bugging their parents at the beginning of October to go past the Haunted House to see what’s new. Margie can usually be found outside working on something new.

In the end, all are happy. Even in the rain, the kids did not want to leave. They could be found roaming from one figure to the next, not scared a bit by the monsters that greeted them. Margie would never make something too scary. If you haven’t been there yet, make a trip next year. Just follow the horde.

Here’s one I just heard. Someone told me that if an onion is left out, the onion will attract a flu virus, thus preventing a person from catching it. Apparently a doctor studied this. I am on my way into looking this up on the Internet.

Well, it’s short and sweet this week. Haven’t gotten any calls, so until...