Impersonating a public official?

Robert Blackford/Editor

Tri County Solid Waste Coordinator Chad Braatz had an interesting time at the Perryton-Duncan Township cleanup Oct. 9-10. He told the Mercer County Board of supervisors at their Nov. 3, 2009 meeting that the Western Illinois Regional Council removed 10 tons of discarded items including 17,000 pounds of door knobs, refrigerators, etc.

Braatz said they had to chase away three or four people who were trying to help themselves to the discarded items. This included someone way who was claiming to be the county surveyor. He was stripping the copper wiring out of the discarded items claiming he was entitled because of his position, according to Braatz.

"County surveyor, That's a new one," said Braatz. "This was on Rt. 94 north of Aledo."

Braatz said after the meeting that this is the first time anyone had tried to take things from the clean up.

Braatz said the unidentified man argued with Braatz about 15 minutes.

Did he take anything?

"Hell, no," said Braatz.

Denise Bulat, executive director of the Bi-State Regional Commission, also appeared before the board. She spoke to the board about the mission of Bi-State noting it is a consortium of local government bodies in five counties, three in Illinois (Mercer, Henry and Rock Island) and two in Iowa (Scott and Muscatine).