News from Matherville

Stephanie L. Surr/Correspondent

My house is all decorated for the Thanksgiving season. That means that I took down the ghosts and goblins from Halloween. Lot of time and effort was put into it.

Preemption held it's Trick-or-Treat night last Saturday evening. Along with the usual fare of going from house to house, more than 80 showed up at the house of Bev Gryp, recently retired postmistress of Preemption. For several years she has held an annual Halloween shebang at her home. The entire community is welcome. And they show.

Even in that "Kansas” gale many made their way for food, conversation and a good time. Bev's regret is that the children were unable to play games due to the storm. Apparently no one minded, they all stayed. Bev is already making plans for next year.

I enjoyed one of my "bestest" afternoons last Wednesday. A young cousin of mine had called earlier that week to ask if I would be at home on that day. She wanted to come over for a visit. I was thrilled. My cousin would be going off to boot camp in a few days, having recently joined the Air Force. I was so very touched that she asked to spend time with me. There are great "kids" out there, and I've found one.