News from Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

Joyce Spengler, Boyton Beach, Fla., came Friday, Nov. 6 and returned Wednesday, Nov. 11 from visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Don Hampton.

Thursday, Nov. 5, Mr. and Mrs. Mel Blaser, Frank Venable and Mrs. Beulah Venable went to Springfield to attend the Bar Admission Ceremony for new attorneys. It was held in the Michael J. Howlett Auditorium at 10 a.m. There were 77 lawyers to be sworn in by Justice Rita B. Garman, Justice of Illinois Supreme Court. The class of new attorneys was seated in the reserved section in alphabetical order, two of the speakers in the program had a son or daughter in the class of new attorneys. Melvin Tucker Blaser was a member of this group. Following the bar admission ceremony there was a reception with refreshments.

There was a ceremony the same day at the iWireless Center in Moline with 50 members in the group.

Dick and Bonnie Curry, Sunday, Nov. 8 treated her parents to ice cream at Whitey’s in Bettendorf, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rushton, Eldridge, Iowa, enjoyed the scenic drive and activities of the day.

Susannah Circle met Monday, Nov. 9, with Carol Erickson. There were four members present. Lucille Elliott, president, conducted the meeting. Rosie Davis, secretary, presented the lesson.

Helen Peterson, vice president, broke her arm, Monday morning, Nov. 9 while playing golf.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mack arrived home Tuesday, Nov. 10. They have been visiting their daughter and granddaughters in North and South Carolina for three weeks: Mr. and Mrs. Don Estep, Hope Mills, N.C., daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, daughter, Wilmington, N.C., Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hubbard, Greenville, S.C., granddaughter.

The Rockridge Junior High entertained Nov. 10, Tuesday for veterans at a breakfast in honor of Veteran’s Day. There were about 100 in attendance. Following the breakfast they presented a program.

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Root and Ashley have moved to their new home. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wolfe, Muscatine, Iowa, bought the Roots’ house on North Williams St. Mrs. Wolfe is the Reynolds Postmaster.

The Reynolds Village Board met Monday, Nov. 9 at the municipal building. It was decided the last three weeks in October and the first three weeks in November people can burn. On Sunday the fires must be out at dark.

On Sunday, Nov. 8 the minister, Beth Tickner, asked all veterans to stand and be honored for Veteran’s Day. Sunday greeter was Patty Stetson, acolytes were Kevin McCutchan and Justin House, ushers were Lucille Elliott and Beulah Venable, liturgist, Scott Hess.

On Wednesday, HyVee supermarkets with instore dining offered free breakfast from 7-11 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11. The buffet was compliments for veterans. It provided an opportunity to thank our veterans and acknowledge their service in a public way.