News from Illinois City

Laura McGinnis/Correspondent

Kathy Potter and Frances Krueger recently met at the Welch apartments for a potluck dinner with cousins Mike and Carol Bendle from Naples, Florida, Anita Bennett of Muscatine, Judy Pare from Ottawa, Ontario and Judy’s son Eric and family from Iowa City. Frances’ mother was a step-sister to Mike and Anita’s father, Herbert Bendle. For Christmas, Frances drove out to the North Carolina with daughter Kathy and Gary Potter to granddaughter Jessica’s. She then flew back with grandson Jason on Saturday after Christmas.

Randy and Laura McGinnis hosted a 4 p.m. dinner on Christmas for Bill, Amy, Trenton and Cael Duncan; Andrew, Abby, Rylan and Rydge McAlister; Ali McGinnis and her friend James Brooks and Pat McGinnis. Randy’s family gave him a dog sled for Christmas, so you just may see him flying around Illinois City with two white dogs in the snow! In the good ole days, Randy was called “Whitey.”  

John and Sue Logsden entertained Marie and Matt Krapfl from Denver, Colorado; Kale and Kara Logsden of Solon for Christmas. Marie is their daughter. Sue’s dad lives with them, so he sure enjoyed all the holiday excitement from the grandchildren.

Maria and Chris McCalley and girls enjoyed a quiet Christmas at home. On Christmas Eve, they enjoyed a pheasant entree for their meal. Chris went on a hunting trip and brought home many birds. I don’t know if Alayna and Emily enjoyed the meal, but the parents sure did!

Toni and Howard Ross enjoyed Christmas day with their children Nikki and Nathan. They visited Howard’s family in Geneseo and then went to Toni’s side in Sterling. Toni said that a good sized crowd attended the Christmas Eve service at 9 p.m., even though the weather was nasty.

Evelyn McGinnis enjoyed Rolando, her son-in-law and grandson Ryan taking her to Moline to Ryan’s Restaurant for a get together with her sisters Laveta Bear and another sister Nadine and husband Bernard from Missouri. Nadine’s son Chad and family also attended a great holiday get together. Evelyn also had visitors on Christmas Eve day. Sharon Wynn, her daughter and Sharon’s daughter Shelly with husband Mike VanHyfte and their daughter Emily. The VanHyfte’s are from Michigan. Evelyn had Nancy and Paul Vroman, Mike McGinnis family and daughter Cathy’s family on Christmas day for dinner.  Steve McGinnis lives close to his mother and was in and out on Christmas too. Steve and Glenna hosted Christmas for her family, the Brown’s. It was a busy Christmas for the McGinnis’.

Ali McGinnis will be moving this week to a nice duplex in Silvis. She will be 10 minutes from her new job in East Moline. She will not miss the snowy drive on highway 92!

George and Marian McGreer served a Christmas dinner for their families. In attendance were: Brett, Paulette and Kelsey McGreer; Brian, Tammy, Melissa, Samantha McGreer and Melissa’s friend Ryan Robinson; Lindsay and Alexis Bassett. The McGreer families will be attending the wedding of Brett and Paulette’s daughter, Afton. She and Ben Blakely will be married on Saturday, Jan. 2 in Iowa. A busy holiday for the McGreers!

Neal and Barb Keller ate Christmas dinner with Ralph and Lila Keller at Carrington Place, Muscatine. Ralph and Lila are continuing with their rehab.  Ralph’s birthday was this month also, Dec. 31, with his family gathering for the celebration.

Alan and Lori Ricketts entertained their family at Christmas. Aaron and Ami Ricketts and their daughter Tracy were home. I know they had homemade noodles, Lori was busy making them when I stopped by.

Peggy and Ron Heaton enjoyed Christmas brunch at their daughter’s in Taylor Ridge. They also visited their son Noah around the holidays. He lives in Booneville, Missouri. To end up a busy holiday, they will travel to Wilmington, Ohio for their grandson Aaron’s wedding on Jan. 2, 2010.

Dave and Sarah Thomas who live south of Buffalo Prairie, hosted a wedding reception for their daughter Wendy and new husband Matthew Gygax. They were married on Oct. 10, 2009 at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Many friends from Illinois City, Buffalo Prairie and Hamlet area attended the event. Family from Missouri, Colorado, and Kankakee also attended.

Dorothy Barber had her sister Clarice visiting over the Christmas holiday. On Christmas day, Dorothy was visited by her children Tony, Jesse and Diane and their families. Jason Boney and Michelle also visited with their two boys on Saturday.

Happy New Year to all our readers!