News from Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

(Dec. 28, 2009) David and Linda Dutton celebrated Christmas with their family on Wednesday evening, Dec. 23. Those attending were Jim and Missy Bennett, Gracie, Jamie, Hannah, Daniel, Aercy and Samual, Matt and Kristin Dutton, D.J. and Jake, Krystal and Nick Carlson and Asher, Lyndsay, Kayla and Jayla Bennett and Ryan Dammon. Daughter Kim Dutton of Gloversville, N.Y. was unable to come home.

Jim and Debra Darrah entertained all of their children and grandchildren, Debra’s mother and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Orterry, on Christmas day.

Helen Jane Nicol spent a couple days over Christmas with her daughter and husband, Mary Ann and John McCann of Oneida.

Maxine Stoutt had Christmas dinner with her daughter and family, Melinda and Brian Clark of Rosetta.

Stacie Valentine spent Christmas with her parents Leroy and Carol Valentine.

On Sunday morning, Evelyn Neal entertained with a brunch Marty Neal, Tyson and his wife from St. Louis, Lonnie Avery from Yorkville, Lorie Wood and family from O’Fallen, Tom Avery and Susie Brown.

Marjorie Smith enjoyed Christmas at her home with her family, Kathy and Dave Erlandson with daughters Ann and Kelly, Kelly’s friend Steve Davish, Kerry and Mary Smith, John and Emily Amos, John, Leslie and sons Tyler and Josh Smith, Jenny and Rod Hatch with Aizik and Sydnie, Laura Smith and sons Noah and Ely.

Mary and Don Bertelson had Christmas dinner with their son and family, Tom and Sue, their son Kris Darrah and his friend.

Berry and Cheryl Free entertained at Christmas Matt and Candace Free of Bloomington, Bob and Megan Cook of St. Charles, Berry’s parents Gladys and Jim Free.

Shirley and Bob Darrah, Jerry and Kris Darrah with daughters Katie and Emily celebrated Christmas with their son John and his family in Dubuque, Iowa on Tuesday. Christmas day Shirley and Bob, Collen Dixon of Oak Run were dinner guests of Jerry and Kris and daughters.

Suzie Simpson entertained her family on Christmas Eve. Present were Joe and Terry, Jim, Jane and Keton, and Morgan Simpson, Mike and Josie Lair and family of Alexis, Jessie and Josie Simpson and family of Wataga and Rachel Gillen of Davenport, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Nate Wallace and daughter Jalyn of Galesburg, Diane and Jeff Carver were breakfast guests of Florence Carver on Saturday.

Bob Perrin spent from Wednesday until Sunday a.m. with his son Joel and his family in Lindenwood.

Greeters for the month of January are: Jan. 3- Jim and Debra Darrah, Jan. 10- Lane and Karen Fredrickson and family, Jan. 17- Mile and Pat Frerickson, Jan. 24- Berry and Cheryl Free, Jan. 31- Matt and Krystal Jungeman and family.

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