News from Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

Rockridge, 45, Ridgewood, 29 — Tanner Martin led all scorers with 16 points at this game which was Tuesday, Dec. 22.

Kayla Fuhr shot her first buck, a nine pointer in Rock Island County. The deer weighed 175 pounds. It is being mounted by her dad, Droptine Taxidermy. It will hang on either her bedroom or hair shop wall.

Reynolds Senior Citizens’ meal site was closed Wednesday, Dec. 23, because of bad weather conditions.

Seth Hollmer, Sr., Rockridge All-Stars 2009 area football, unanimous 1st team All-Olympic Conference was picked. He is one of the team’s top receivers and finished with 63 tackles (20 solos). Tanner Martin and Kaleb Wynn were named honorable mention for Rockridge.

Christmas Eve Lisa Sanders and friend Joe, Lisa Gruff and family, Kathy and Scott John and family, Dell Sanders, Dorothy Armstrong were guests of Roger and Cindy Sanders.

Jerry Gillette had an emergency appendectomy on Christmas day at Trinity West Hospital.

Christmas night the Armstrong and Hoffman families and Eric Sanders’ family celebrated at Cindy and Roger Sanders.

Helen Phillips, Cam and Weldon Otten were Christmas day guests of Jane, Jeff and Anna Otten.

Christmas dinner guests at Wayne and Carol Erickson’s were: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kitchell and Haley, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kerres, Sally Boroman, Denise Falk, Matt Carson, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Erickson, Nick Erickson and Jesse Rennison, Bradley Erickson and Sarah Dean.

Joe and Paula Wesenberg, Rhonda Wesenberg, Davenport, Iowa celebrated Christmas day with Vey Booth.

Christmas morning guests with Joe and Mary Lou DeMarlie were Christopher, Kristin and Ben DeMarlie.

Francis and Donna Mack entertained Christmas day, Monsignor Tom Mack, Mildred Farwell, Connie McKinley, Jeff and Amanda Pickett, Carol and Jason Lewis and John Wagle, Northwestern University.

Terry and Tony Brock, Kelly, Ala., and Enzo Bialas, Ryan Doonan, Mikel Bennett, Margaret Doonan, Jane Cumby, Tony and Sandy Pokormy, Okla., and Jordan Bennett were guests of Tracy and Mary Doonan.

Pat and Bill Goodnight hosted Christmas supper at the Reynolds Methodist Church. Their families are, Debbie and Richard Farnsworth and families, Betsy Goodnight and families, Jeff and Amy Goodnight and family, Pat and Cathy Fowler and family, Josh and Ashley Fowler from Virginia. They numbered 47 in attendance.

Coralie Krueger hosted Christmas weekend at her house, Thursday. Rusty and Shelly Rudsell, Davis Junction, arrived. Friday, Susan Price and David Marino from Macon, Mo., Amanda Rudsell, Alexis and Josalyn and Bryan Hall from Rockford came. Saturday, these people were joined by Dianne Verschoore, Moline, Jill and Marshall Schriner, Lily and Allyssa, Rock Island, Wendy and Mike Dwinal, Pyler and Chase, Bloomington, Laura and Joe Simmons, Amber Para and Merrick Kraus, Andalusia, Nicole Simmons, Derek Frank, Davenport, Iowa, Trace Price, Angela and Josh Roberts, Macon, Mo.

We extend our sympathy to the family of Anthony Goswick. He was husband of Teresa Ochner Allison Goswick.

Marilyn and Graydon Kranz enjoyed all their families, Jeff and his family, Bill and his family, Rhonda and Gary Van De Casteele and family, and Kim and Doug House and family on Christmas Eve.

Christmas day, Marilyn and Graydon Kranz, Bill Kranz and girls joined the group at Dorothy Terrill’s at New Boston.

Mel and Susan Blaser entertained Frank and Sandra Venable, Beulah Venable, Tucker Blaser and Anna Gulbrandsen, St. Louis, Tyson Blaser, University of Iowa, and Holley Begyn, Western Illinois University, for Christmas dinner.

Mel and Susan Blaser, Tucker and Anna Tyson and Holley spent Christmas Eve with Mel and Betty Blaser and families.

Frank and Sandra Venable, Chelsy Oak, Wendell and Elaine Oak, Jonathon Oak, Travis and Stephani Norris, celebrated Christmas Eve with Steve and Sherry Oak.

Connie and Jim Widdop entertained Christmas Eve, Ashley and Chelsey Widdop, Brent Schurr, Ivan Anderson, Jim and Linda Widdop, Marian Miller, Bob Miller, Louise Hancock, Wanda, Anthony, Fred and Marie Fuller and Charles Bellinger.

Mary, Gregg and Marc Hansen, Northbrook, Tim and Sidney Stetson, Lexi Stetson, Marlowe, Melissa and Britney, friends of Tim, were guests of Patty Stetson for Christmas dinner.

Kim, Jenna, Joey Lincoln and Dale Wolfe, Sharon and Jeanne Mueller, Kyle, Tina, Karly and Tanner Matlick, celebrated Christmas dinner with Myrna Matlick and Frank Jones.

Kim Lincoln presented her mother - Myrna Matlick and Frank Jones with a trip to the House on the Rock Inn, Wisconsin. They enjoyed it with Christmas decorations.

Saturday, Dec. 26, Sharon and Jeanne Mueller flew to Houston, Texas to visit Jeri and Max Mueller.

Bryan and Lucille Elliott spent Christmas with Lucinda and Paul Parchert. Other guests were Abby and Kyle Deppert, Justin Parchert, and Genevieve Parchert.

Beulah Venable hosted a birthday party, Tuesday, Dec. 29 for her daughter, Susan Blaser, Mr. and Mrs. Mel Blaser and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Venable were guests.