News from Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

Rockridge girls' basketball team came from behind in the fourth quarter. The Geneseo girls' basketball team was leading by 20 points. The end score was Geneseo, 51, Rockridge, 40. It was Tuesday, Dec. 15 at Rockridge.

We express our sympathy to the family of Merle Moffitt.

Donna Mack entertained the bridge club Christmas luncheon with three tables on Wednesday, Dec. 16. It had been postponed because of inclement weather.

Thursday, Dec. 17 at Rockridge girls' basketball game, Rockridge, 53 Monmouth-Roseville, 51.

Kirby Adamson and Dan Klossing have lovely displays of Christmas lights.

Haley Kitchell, Amanda VanDaele, Michelle House, and Chelsey Widdop are home from college and attended our church on Christmas break.

"Christmas Shoes" sung by Anita Sedam and "Mary, Did You Know?" sung by Tami Clarke were special numbers for our Christmas service Sunday, Dec. 20.

Donna and Francis Mack entertained Marty and Sheldon Farwell for Christmas dinner Sunday, Dec. 20.

Monday, Dec. 21, Francis Macks entertained their neighbors, the Waits, the Medingers and Bernie Wheeler for Christmas dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kinnett, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Bellinger from Indiana and Seth Kinnett, Chicago, spent the weekend with Charles Bellinger and celebrated the Christmas holiday.

Sarah and Patrick Brooks and Andrea Baraks delivered eulogies for their grandfather. Patrick played an instrumental solo, "Danny Boy," at the conclusion of the service for Merle Moffitt, Monday, Dec. 21.

Merry Christmas!