News from Illinois City

Laura McGinnis/Correspondent

Afton McGreer, daughter of Brett and Paulette McGreer, was married to Benjamin Blakely at Collegiate Wesley United Methodist Church in Ames, Iowa. They were married on Afton’s great-grandparents 75th anniversary Margaret and Marvin Peterson. The date of the wedding is a palindrome, same forwards as backwards, 01022010!

Service Guild of IC Church was held at Paulette McGreers. Those attending were Marian McGreer, Laura McGinnis, Sara Kreuger, Leora Feldman, Rikki Heltzler, Toni Ross, and Tammy McGreer. A collection of medical equipment is bent catalogued by Marty Farwell and Rikki Hetzler for area use. The equipment will be stored at the new Illinois City fire station as soon as it is completed. There will be an all ladies lunch meeting on Feb. 8 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. A lite supper will be served from 5:30 to 6 p.m. with an information meeting 6 to 6:30 p.m. New carpet will be laid in the church basement and samples were viewed and discussion of color was a topic. A poem by Anna Barz a great aunt of Paulette’s was read from a book called “My Garden in the Sun.” The poem was very touching about wintertime. A good meeting, with goal setting and a delicious luncheon of hot fruit and pastries was enjoyed.

Lila and Ralph Keller say hello to all their friends- they are at Carrington Place in Muscatine, Iowa for rehab this winter. Mary Ricketts also is there and enjoys to have visitors also. Send a card their way.

Over the holidays Sheldon and Marty Farwell visited their daughter Kelly and family in the Milwaukee area. Their son and family from Boone, Iowa also joined the festivities. Sheldon and Marty are “expert” photographers so I am sure this snowy cold weather has given them many beautiful photos. The Country Bank calendar contains Sheldon’s photos- stop by and pick up a calendar at the bank.

Rikki and James Hetzler and Madison are remodeling the house on the hill across form Pine Bluff Church. The home was that of the former owners “Post” Feldman. It’s good to see activity in a house that has set empty. We are all watching the progress when we drive by.

A.J. Pearson has three weeks in Texas and then he is done with his tour in the service, Hooray for A.J. He will be living in Edgington with his wife and baby upon discharge. His wife is the former Katie Terrill from Illinois City.

Lloyd and Pat Terrill visited with Lila and Ralph Keller at Carrington Place on Monday.

Nikki Ross daughter of Howard and Toni Ross has returned to college after a holiday at home.

A note: Governments view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: if it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

-Ronald Reagan