News From Matherville

Stephanie Surr/Correspondent

Well, the holidays are over and everything is back to normal. Maybe not.

Had a wonderful Christmas this year. Nephew Taylor, his wife, Brittany, and beautiful daughter, Miss Lily, were home to celebrate with good cheer. Our little Miss Lily is a gem. Never once did we hear a cry from her. Best kind of children to have.

A great friend passed away this week. Darel Cottrell passed away last Tuesday. Darel and his wife, Betty, have been friends of mine for a number of years. True blue friends. They have been there for me in all types of situations and I have loved them for that.

I will miss his hearty’ Hello, Steph,” over the phone. One could tell that a smile was on his face when he said it. He never seemed down, even during his illness. He was a trooper.

I can imagine the trout and other fish wondering where their adversary has gone this Spring. Who will they spar with now?  Darel loved fishing and was “darned” good at it.

Darel will be missed by many family and friends. He was a true “gentle - man.”