News from Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

Christmas Eve Errol and Rosie Davis entertained all their families, 29 people in all.

It is -10 degrees on Sunday, -3 degrees F Monday, very cold. Time to put away all those Christmas decorations.

Cindy and Kenny Flack went to Jenson Breach, Fla. for two weeks. They spent Christmas and New Years with their son, Ronald Flack.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fuller celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, Jan. 7 with a family dinner.

Part of the snowbirds have left for Florida and Texas.

Jason, Karen and baby Jackson Parchert came New Years, Friday till Tuesday. They are visiting his mother Mrs. Shirley Parchert. Sunday, Jan. 3, Tami and Troy Clarke, Darren, Tonya, Carson and Drew Hall, Darrell and Barb Myers, Dave DeBackere and Missy were dinner guests to enjoy the Myrtle Beach, S.C. people.