Bleak future projected for fair board

Robert Blackford/Editor

It was a grim picture that the members of the Mercer County Fair Board painted at the group's Jan. 19, 2010 meeting.

A group of officers had just returned from the annual IAAF convention. None of the news was good.

"It doesn't look good from the state," said Roger Grundstrom, fair board president. "You are going to have to do more with less."

Rita Williams, the superintendent of harness racing, said, that even with the most positive outlook the board would see a 17 percent reduction in the amount of money it receives from the state. "That would be optimistic," said Williams.

Grundstrom said, "I think we are going to see a time when we have to do this on our own."

Grundstrom said the question being asked at the convention was 'How many livestock shows do you have to have to be an ag fair.'

Grundstrom said the officials wouldn't answer the question.

"There was a lot of talk about going to jackpot shows," said Grundstrom. "Everybody is looking at the same scene."

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