News From Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

Jan. 18, 2010

Kathleen Worthington enjoyed a day last week when members of several churches attended the Oquawka Ladies Retreat. Among other various activities was a very interesting speaker from Waverly, Iowa.

Cheryl and Berry Free spent last weekend in St. Charles with Megan and Bob Cook. Also present were Matt and Candace Free from Bloomington and they all celebrated Megan’s birthday.

Doris Lee joined the Weslyettes Quartet last Monday morning when they sang for the residents of the Courtyard Estates in Monmouth.

The Women’s afternoon Bible Study from Little Cedar will not meet this week, but the evening meeting will be at the Church at 6:15 p.m.

The Youth plan one more time to go tubing at Snowstar. They were scheduled to depart on Friday Jan. 22, leaving the church at 4:30 p.m.

The Little Cedar Ladies are collecting Campbell soup labels and General Mills box tops for Kemmerer Village, a contained for them is in the entryway.

Do you ever feel as though you’re going through life in the fast lane and you can’t find the off ramp?