News From Matherville

Stephanie L. Surr/Correspondent

...”and I remember that winter of 2010. Had no power for fifteen days. Had to trudge my way through three feet of snow to get to my living room from my kitchen.”

Well, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad. But it sure felt that way after spending 19 hours without power. I take that back. We had power for about nine minutes at 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning. But another line probably went down. Those are hearty people that work in that type of weather.  Hats off.

Sandy Chance saw a sight to behold last week.  As she was looking out her front door, Sandy noticed five deer heading toward her, on the road between the two ball diamonds. Sandy said that they turned into her neighbor’s open gated yard. The deer stayed there for quite some time, playing all the while. I told Sandy she needs to keep a camera close at hand for those moments.

Dave Harris passed away last week. Dave was a nice, quiet man. I remember when he and his family moved next door to my grandparents. My grandparents had sold them the property. I became their babysitter. One day I had Dave’s oldest daughter, Michele, out playing catch.  Dave commented to Michele that she should watch how I “threw like a boy.” He immediately turned and apologized. He didn’t want to upset me by my thinking he meant I “acted like a boy.”  I told him it was actually a compliment. Dave was always thoughtful, over even the smallest of things. A very nice man.

With our weather so untrustworthy, think about buying some clip-on cleats that work on the ice.   They are a god sense. Mull over this bit of advise. Trust me.