News from Matherville

Stephanie L. Surr/Correspondent

Enjoy that lovely weather we had last week? If it didn’t snow, it was frigid. If it was frigid...I LOVE winter. NOT!!

With our weather, comes our other natural occurrence: The power outage. This year we did have the added relief of having a place to get something warm to eat, with the perk of lights as well.

This winter has also been the type where one would want to find themselves on a Caribbean cruise, sunning themselves and basking in the weather. WELL, MAYBE NOT. Darin and Lynn Surr, along with over 20 friends, found themselves on such a cruise last week. The destinations would have led them to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Did you notice I said “would?” On the first day out - the ship died. Right there in the middle of nothing. And that’s where it stayed for five days. Not even a free drink was offered. Finally after five days - five very long days - the ship was hauled into the Bahamas, where no one was allowed to disembark.

As bad as it could get right? The perk to all of this is that there will be no compensation for the cruise. They paid for it and that’s the way Carnaval Cruises wants it. This is a part of taking a cruise. One takes a chance. But Darin decided to do a little investigating of his own. Online he discovered that Carnaval’s Destiny had broken down in water many, many times. This was not the first time. Of course that bit of information was not brought up when booking the cruise.

Darin is going to see this all the way through. His advise is to thoroughly look into any trip that does not provide one with compensation for a failed trip. He found out that the hard way.

He’ll fly from now on.