Voters reject library tax

Robert Blackford/Editor

Supporters of the Mercer Carnegie Library Referendum were disappointed with the results of the recent election. Voters struck down the referendum by a vote of 428-347.

Supporters hoped voters would approve expansion of the 95-year old building in Aledo, originally built by the Carnegie Foundation.

Mercer County Clerk Phyllis Bewley released the unofficial results for the General Primary Election held Feb. 2 in Mercer County. Bewley finished tabulating the votes about 8:45 p.m. the evening of the election. The votes won't be official until two weeks after the election, according to Bewley. That gives absentee ballots that had been mailed out time to be returned.

Voter turnout was 16.42 percent. There were 2,346 ballots cast from the 14,288 possible registered voters. Early and absentee ballots that were counted Feb. 2, equaled 88 voters.

Of all the ballots cast 1,272 were Republican and 1,047 were Democratic.

Democratic ballot

The race for governor was quite close. While Pat Quinn declared victory in the state of Illinois, Mercer County residents voted for Daniel W. Hynes over Pat Quinn, 555-459.

Clarence "Mike" Darrow received overwhelming support in Mercer County in his quest to fill the Circuit Couth Judge for the 14th Judicial District seat. Darrow received 728 votes to Trish Joyce, 147 and Maritia Quinn Griffith, 110.

For lieutenant governor Democrats in Mercer County voted for Mike Boland, 662; Scott Lee Cohen, 140; Terry Link, 67; Arthur L. Turner, 34; Thomas Michael Castillo, 31 and Rickey R. Hendon, 25.


In the race for United States Senator Mercer County Republicans favored Mark Steven Kirk, 445 to Patrick J. Hughes, 233; Donald (Don) Hughes, 191; Kathleen Thomas, 152; Andy Martin, 93 and John Arrington, 59.

For Governor Mercer County Republicans favored Bill Brady, 655 to Jim Ryan, 166; Adam Andrzejewski, 155; Andy McKenna, 108; Kirk W. Dillard, 107; Dan Proft, 29 and Robert J. "Bob: Schillerstrom, 14.

Mercer County Republicans voted for Jason Plummer for Lieutenant governor, 493; Don Tracy, 161; Matt Murphy, 152; Brad Cole, 113; Dennis W. Cook, 87; Randy A. White, 74.