Fish in Mercer County Court Feb. 10

Robert Blackford/Editor

Bruce Fish, 53,  appeared in Mercer County Circuit Court Feb. 10 in front of Judge Ray Conklin on a motion to change judges. Fish is claiming prejudice on behalf of Judge Charles Stengel affected the outcome of his trial. Fish asked the court to consider a motion for a new judge.

Fish's court-appointed attorney Dan Dalton asked Judge Conklin to explain to Fish that he (Conklin) was limited to what was on record in making his decision.

Conklin told Fish that he was pretty much limited to the record unless other evidence was presented.

Fish stated that he believed Stengel was holding court outside of his jurisdiction.

Conklin said he would take 10-14 days to review the material concerning the case before he made a ruling.

Mercer County States Attorney Greg McHugh told the judge he believed the motions and petitions are without merit.

Fish in return objected to McHugh's participation in the courtroom.

Fish is serving 10 years in prison for felony DUI conviction.  For more on this story, see the Feb. 17 issue of The Times Record.