News from Matherville

Stephanie Surr/Correspondent

Hello, Snow Bunnies. That’s how I certainly feel with the weather we have been having as late. I have often wished that my ancestors had moved to another part of the country many a moon ago. This winter is certainly one of those times. However, many of our fellow citizens have chosen to embark on ventures outside of our little town; adventures to warmer climates or so they thought.

Louie and Pam Adams set off Feb. 1 to Kingsland, Texas, near San Antonio. They wanted a few weeks away from the snow and ice. Ha. They arrived to snow. Snow everywhere. For several weeks they had to endure the slush and muck. Up north, in our quaint little community, their beloved son, Troy, ate up the ordeal. With a smirk in his voice, he related their problem. I could sense he loved every moment. Today as I spoke to him, however, he told me that the snow is gone and his parents are enjoying the weather by fishing and golfing as much as possible. Send your sympathies.

Troy also mentioned that a new club started last year. The Sportsman’s Club deals with all sports, but as of late, they have been spending a great amount of time on the lake. In October of last year the lake was stocked with bluegill, crappies and catfish. Much of the money used for this came from the selling of passes toward the use of the lake. Over one hundred passes were sold. Those passes may again be purchased up at the Little Store of Matherville. They go toward a good cause, the upkeep of the lake. If you haven’t been to see the lake in the past year you will be pleasantly surprised. It’s going back to its old glory days. Take a walk or a drive down there when the weather turns.

Last summer the Sportsman’s Club held a Children’s Fishing Tournament in the summer. The event was so well received that there are plans on holding another tournament this summer. Be sure to pick up those passes at the lake to get ready. The Sportsman’s Club greatly appreciates all that the community has done to help them in their quest to better Matherville.

Matherviile was hopping last Monday night. The entire downtown was filled with cars. Of course I had to discover why so I did a little phoning. Krusteez holds a Euchre tournament every Monday. Entry is free. There are even specials on pizza for eat-in. Down the street at Couters there is a drawing every Monday night. Sign up once and your name goes in every week. If a name drawn is not at Couters the drawing goes to the next week, where it grows. Must be present to win. Matherville is the place to be on Monday evenings.

Hope all have been watching the Olympics, especially when we have one of our own taking part. That would be Dan Steele who is involved in the bobsledding events. I know Dan’s mother Barb. I just recently found that she had moved so I no longer have her phone number. If there is anyone out there that knows Barb, give her a call and ask her to call me. I’d love to get her input of the Olympics. I’d love to hear from her again.