News From Matherville

Stephanie Surr/Correspondent

“NOT COMPUTER SAVVY!” I’m going to see if I can have that either on a shirt or perhaps decals. It’s my motto. Example: No article last week. Why? Not computer savvy. I could not get my email up no matter what.

Go figure.

Nan Grawe is in town last week. She paid a visit to her parents, David and Beverly Basala. She mentioned that she was enjoying the weather in Texas. I didn’t want to talk about it.

Saw Dolores Mavis a few weeks back. Emmett and Jane Sullivan were heading to Aledo to pay her a visist and asked if I would care to tag along. I hadn’t seen Dolores since her move. 

We found Dolores in the dining room. Jane and I pulled up some chairs and we began our conversation.  UI spotted Pauline Chard at a table and made my way over to gab with her. I chatted with Luella Basala and Denny and Reda Basala. I then headed back to Dolores. Jane was excusing herself, as she wanted to find Emmett. I chatted a while longer with Do. I then told her that I’d be right back. I wanted to find Jane and Emmett. Dolores looked me in the eye and said, “Jane said the same thing.” I never laughed so hard. It got the point across.

I found the Sullivan’s in the foyer where they were seated with three others. I recognized Jan’s cousin Dale Tornquist and his wife, Shirley. Dale mentioned that he liked my articles - what few there were of them. My secong grand laugh of the day. I hate to admit this, but I lost the name of the other woman that was sitting with us. 

Another woman pulled up to chat. Unfortunately her name also evades me. I recall that her first name is Vivan and that she had taught Shirley Tornquist in school. The part about Vivan that was hard for me to believe was that she is over 95. Never would have guessed.

New grandparents in town. Lane Thomas Adams came into the world at 8 lbs 10 oz and 18 and a half inches.  Proud parents are Thomas Tucker and Lindsey  Adams.  Even prouder grandparents are Monte and Jean Ann Adams, Rod and Carol Tolley and Al and Denise Hampton. The baby already is starting a cardinal collection.

2010 Sportsmen passes may be purchased at the Little Store of Matherville. Cost is $18. Profits will go towards the enhancement of the lake.

Well. sorry if I forget what else I wanted to report, oh....  Matherville was hopping last weekend. Both bars were brimming and the Eagle’s were packed. Ah, just like the good ol’ days. Keep bringin’ ‘em in.