Illinois weather and crop reports

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Last week (April 19-25) proved to be another busy week in the fields for producers according to the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s weekly Illinois Weather and Crops report. Great planting conditions allowed many producers the chance to finish planting corn and start preparing for soybeans. Temperatures averaged 56.1 degrees, 0.7 degrees above normal across the state. Statewide precipitation averaged 1.57 inches, 0.63 inches above normal, with 4.9 days suitable for fieldwork. Corn jumped to 73 percent planted compared to four percent a year ago and 28 percent for the five-year average. This surpasses the previous high percent planted for April 25 of 67 in 2005. Soybeans are 5 percent planted compared to the five-year average of one percent. Oats are 91 percent planted. Topsoil moisture was rated three percent short, 71 percent adequate and 26 percent surplus.

In the western portion of Illinois,(Mercer County) the were 4.0 days suitable for fieldwork from April 19-25. Topsoil Moisture percent was listed at 59 percent adequate and 41 percent surplus in western Illinois. Sixty-one percent of the corn in the district has been planted with five percent emerged. Five percent of soybeans were listed as planted.

In the northwest portion of Illinois (Rock Island County) there were 5.3 days suitable for fieldwork. Topsoil moisture content was listed at 80 percent adequate, 12 percent surplus and eight percent short. Sixty-nine percent of the corn in the district has been planted with only one percent emerged. Nine percent of soybeans have been planted.