Committee appointments shifted in Aledo

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

Mayor Elect Richard Hunter reset some committee appointments and passed the list out at the May 3, 2010 meeting. Changes included combining some committees into logical choices - like combining the water and sewer committee with storm drains, and shifting streets and sidewalks into the public property committee.

The most noted change was removing Alderman Barry Cooper as chairman of the Tax Increment Financing committee, putting him instead as head of Cable TV. The new TIF chairman named by Mayor Hunter is Robert Rillie.

During the regular council meeting Cooper asked to have the committee appointments put on the May 17 city council meeting agenda for discussion.

The council had several flare-ups after returning from closed session, about both the J. Michael Sponsler contract and the TIF committee make-up, with Alderman Randy Mattson calling Thursday's (May 6) upcoming meeting an "illegal meeting." That meeting is set for 6 p.m. and is open to the public.

Committee assignments

A May 3, 2010 revised list of Aldermen and committee assignments, with the chairman of each committee listed first:

Cemetery: Terry Bewley, Michael Baugher, Randy Mattson, Barry Cooper, Richard Hunter, Tab Balmer, Jr.

Finance: Hunter, Baugher, Mattson, Robert Rillie, Richard Maynard, Jr., Balmer

Gas: Maynard, Hunter, Baugher, Bewley, Cooper, Rillie

Ordinance: Rillie, Mattson, Bewley, Baugher, Maynard, Hunter

Personnel: Mattson, Maynard, Hunter, Baugher, Bewley, Rillie

Police: Balmer, Maynard, Rillie, Hunter, Cooper, Baugher

Public property, streets and sidewalk: Baugher, Cooper, Bewley, Maynard, Mattson, Rillie

Water, sewer and storm drain: Bewley, Baugher, Mattson, Cooper, Hunter, Maynard

TIF: Rillie, Maynard, Mattson, Baugher, Bewley, Balmer

Cable TV: Cooper, Baugher, Balmer, Mattson, Hunter, Bewley

Board of Health: Acting Mayor Hunter, David Relander, Dr. Dennis Palmer, David McKnight, City Clerk Jarod Dale.