Aledo council doesn't rehire Sponsler

Robert Blackford/Editor

The Aledo City Council failed to rehire its former police chief, J. Michael Sponsler, at the group's May 17 meeting.

The council's chambers were full of members of the general public interested in the outcome.

A petition calling for Sponsler to be rehired has been circulating throughout the city. It was submitted to the council with 700 signatures.

The vote was 4-4 not to rehire with the Mayor along with council members Tab Balmer, Rich Maynard and Robert Rillie voting against the rehire.

The motion to rehire Sponsler was put before the council by Alderman Barry Cooper and seconded by Alderman Terry Bewley. Cooper, Bewley, Randy Mattson and Mike Baugher voted to rehire Sponsler.

The Times Record website,, has been running a poll concerning Sponsler's contract. Eighty-eight percent of the 168 people who have voted believed the contract should have been renewed.

The council agreed to hire Terry Dove on an interim basis as the city's police chief.

Sewage problem

Bill Coutant appeared before the council at the Committee of the Whole and talked about the sewage system and how it was backed up into the basement of his home in the northwest part of town near the hospital.

Henderson property

John Mital of Missman Stanley & Associates reported on the borings done at the Henderson Property.

The report states: It was anticipated that volatile organics in the soils would be elevated considering visual (bluish soils) and olfactory indicators (petroleum odors) were present in soil borings. However, none of the VOCs concentrations exceeded the ACO remediation objectives. 

In Missman's opinion, either special handling/excavation/disposal of impacted soils or a specific engineered barrier is warranted for the east portions of the site during future redevelopment to remain protective of human health and the environment.