Cowboys and Indians seem appropriate

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Aledo Times Record
Rudy Vallejo was chosen the top individual walking the New Windsor Fair and Rodeo parade.

Pitching a tepee in the New Windsor Fairgrounds was something Rudy Vallejo felt was quite appropriate for the 71st annual New Windosr Fair and Rodeo. Vallejo said, "I like the cowboy and Indian theme."

He brought his Indian Eagle Dance ceremonial dress, and a small drum to put on demonstrations for fairgoers. He even spent one overnight in the tepee. "I put on a one-man show."

The East Moline man said, "My grandpa was a Kickapoo Indian." His mother was born on the Potawatomi Indian Reservation.

"To be a member of the Kickapoo tribe you have to be one-quarter Kickapoo," he said.

Both the Kickapoo and Potawatomi Indian tribes come from reservations in northeast Kansas. They are about 30 miles from each other, said Vallejo.

Kickapoo means "he who moves about." Potawatomi means "people of the fire."

New Windsor Street parade winners announced

The judge choice for the 2010 New Windsor Fair and Rodeo Parade held Thursday, Aug. 19 was Harvey Brock and his classic car. Other winners were:


1st New Windsor Presbyterian Church

2nd Harvest Bible Chapel

Senior organizations:

1st American Legion

2nd Viola Masonic

Junior organizations:

1st Girl Scouts

2nd Time for Tots

Commercial floats

1st Rodney McCaw

2nd New Windsor Phone Company

Commercial vehicles

1st Pine View Ranch

2nd Bank Orion


1st Rudy Vallejo

Musical marching groups

1st Sherrard

2nd Alwood

Antique cars pre 1949

1st Blick & Blick Oil

Classic cars 1950 - 1971

1st Les Piggott

2nd Harvey Brock

Classic cars 1972-2000

1st Doug Hanson

2nd Darrin Reed

Antique tractors

1st Mitch Lawson

2nd Jim & Donna Mae


1st Richard Van DeKerckhove

2nd Evelyn Rind