Illinois crop progress and condition report

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Illinois Department of Agriculture released the Illinois Wester and Crops report Nov. 1.

Findings are as follows:

Agricultural Summary

Statewide temperatures and precipitation were near normal last week with the northern half of the state experiencing slightly cooler temperatures and greater rainfall totals. Most soils across the state continue to be in need of additional moisture due to the high winds last week rapidly drying up any rain that was received. The acres of corn that remain to be harvested experienced some lodging after the high winds. Dry conditions continue to take their toll on pastures and livestock producers have been forced to feed hay in many areas as pastures run short. Numerous areas in the south where wheat was sown, poor emergence is reported in the dry soils. Farmers have

moved onto spreading lime and fertilizer and completing fall tillage. Many farmers are taking the time to do some deep tillage in an attempt to break up compaction that occurred during the 2009 wet field conditions. Farmers have also begun applying anhydrous ammonia as soil temperatures cool. As farmers wrap up a great fall they are making repairs to machinery and preparing it for storage.

In the Northwest District which contains Mercer County 96 percent of the corn has been harvested while 99 percent of soybeans have been harvested, as of Oct. 31.

There were 5.3 days suitable for fieldwork from Oct. 25-31 in the Northwest District. The topsoil moisture content is considered 77 percent adequate; 16 percent short and seven percent very short in the Northwest District.