Two-Thirds of Illinoisans Chose to E-file This Year

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Internal Revenue Service received a record number of e-filed returns from Illinois taxpayers this year. Two-thirds of the 5.9 million returns received from Illinoisans were electronically filed.

Nationwide, nearly 99 million individual tax returns were e-filed. This represents nearly 70 percent of the 141.5 million returns filed this year.

Each year, more taxpayers choose to e-file their tax returns. The percentage of tax returns e-filed by Illinoisans has more than doubled in the past decade. In 2001, Illinoisans filed nearly 5.8 million federal tax returns, with more than 1.8 million or 31 percent e-filed. Compare that to 2010, when more than 3.9 million or 66 percent of the 5.9 million returns filed by Illinoisans were e-filed.

Nationwide, the number of individual tax returns has increased by 145 percent over the past decade. Last year, nearly 99 million taxpayers (or 67 percent) used e-filed. In 2001, nearly 31 percent of the 131 million returns were e-filed.

“IRS e-file is no longer the exception,” said IRS spokeswoman Sue Hales. “Now, it is the norm.”

The number of taxpayers who prepare their own tax returns using home computers continues to rise. This year, more than 1.4 million Illinois taxpayers chose to e-file their tax returns through their home computers, up 7 percent from last year. Nationwide, nearly 35 million returns were e-filed online, an increase of 8 percent from the previous year.

“Each year, more people take advantage of the benefits of e-file,” said Hales. “E-filing offers faster refunds, more accurate returns and quick return receipt confirmation from the IRS.”

Direct deposit of refunds is up again this year. More than 74 million refunds were electronically deposited into taxpayers’ accounts, saving taxpayers a trip to the bank. More importantly, these taxpayers received their refunds at least a week faster than those receiving paper checks. Direct deposit refunds accounted for almost 69 percent of all refunds, up from 66 percent last year. Overall, IRS issued 109 million refunds, averaging $2,994 per refund; direct deposit refunds averaged $3,189 per refund.