Lifeline offers free installation for the holidays

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Trinity Visiting Nurse and Homecare Association (VNHA) will offer free installation of its Lifeline services, a savings of $50, in December for those who sign up in honor of the holidays.

“Anyone who is elderly, ill, disabled or prone to frequent falls and spends some time home alone would benefit from Lifeline,” said Mary Jackson, Director of Trinity VNHA Lifeline. 

Lifeline is a personal response service that works in conjunction with a person’s telephone. Those who subscribe wear a small, waterproof, personal help button on a wrist strap or a neck cord. If someone falls or needs assistance, that person pushes the button for help. Immediately, a trained Lifeline call center staff member speaks to the person, asking what the problem is and what kind of help is needed. If, after two attempts, the Lifeline staff member does not receive a response, a responder that the subscriber listed on their application is called to go check on the subscriber.  If the subscriber knows they need immediate medical attention, they can by-pass the responders and ask the call center to call 911.  Lifeline even works outside in the yard.

In addition, Trinity VNHA also now offers an Auto Alert service.  With the Auto Alert button, if the wearer falls and is unable to get up or unwilling to push the button within 30 seconds, the button actually makes the call for the wearer.

“The person with the Lifeline unit never has to attempt to get to the phone or even to the room that the Lifeline monitor is located. If someone needs help, that person will receive it,” Jackson said.

There is a $38.50 per month monitoring charge for the basic service.  For more information on Trinity VNHA Lifeline, call 779-7600.