Aledo contemplates snow routes

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

The Aledo City Council Monday night, Dec. 6, 2011, approved the first reading of an ordinance setting up "No Parking" on two streets in Aledo if more than two inches of snow has fallen. There is a fine of $10 per occurence for not moving a vehicle off the snow routes that includes the Swimming Pool road (SE 2nd Ave. between SE 4th St. and SE 15th St), as well as North College Avenue (betweeb 2nd St. and 7th St.). Once the streets have been cleared, vehicles can be parked on those two streets.

Aledo Public Works Director Steve Moller told the council he would be sending out notices of this new ordinance to all the residents affected by this new procedure.

The council will hold its second reading at the Dec. 20 Aledo City Council meeting.

Aledo resident Jennie Maynard addressed the city council during the committee of the whole about the city's plans for the lot just east of Aledo Central Park. Months ago the Aledo Fire Department approached the city about buying or trading the lot for a new fire station.

Maynard suggested the location could be used as an additional to Central Park,   due to its proximity. She said some of the extra activities done during Rhubarb Festival or other events could be held in that area, rather than across a more dangerous highway. She suggested the city needed to "turn the parking lot back to what it is supposed to be."

She said she didn't have anything against the Fire Department. "There's other places the fire department could build," she said.

"It would help us so much in downtown Aledo just to extend that park," she said.

Acting Mayor Richard Hunter said, "Maybe we could share."

The council talked about the current fire station needed to be larger. "The complaint is the trucks are too long for the building," said Alderman Robert Rillie.

In correspondence, the Mayor told the council about a letter received from Kurt Richardson regarding a traffic problem on NE 2nd Street and NE 8th Avenue. "Basically it's (the streets) laid out like it should have been dead ends," said Hunter. The mayor said he had the city attorney working on some sort of solution.

Another letter came from a resident who was disgruntled with her water bill. The letter stated, "My water bill is higher than my gas bill."

Mayor Hunter also told the council he was approached by Keith Chandler regarding the city's sponsorship at one of the ball diamonds, wanting to know if the city would continue its sponsorship, for $150 a year. No action was taken.

As for the water and sewer rates, City Administrator Janice Green reworked the formula for the rates, which will be going down in January, payable in February. A notice will be on customers' Jan. 16 billing.