Food Pantry has to move

Ashlee Boers

On Dec. 17, the Mercer County Food Pantry received a letter from the Sheriff's Department stating that they have to move out by June 1. As of right now they have no idea where they are going to move to. They have a 900sq. ft. room that they use located on 3rd Street in Aledo. Sharon Lingafelter, coodinator, said they would need a building maybe a little bigger, that is truck accessible, and has a restroom. River bend brings a truck once a month to the food pantry. The food pantry helps around 200 families a month. They are going to call a special board meeting to come up with ideas of what to do. If you have any ideas please contact Sharon Lingafelter at 309-582-7449 or Harold Losey at 309-582-7519.