Civil trial awards plaintiffs more than $6,000

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

A civil jury trial ended Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 1, after two days of testimony. The jury found in favor of the plaintiffs Amy Humphrey and her son Tanner in a case that goes back to 2007, right before Tanner's fifth birthday.

A Jack Russell Terrior belonging to the Humphrey's neighbors, Douglas and Teresa Pinkerton of New Windsor, attacked both Tanner and his mother, resulting in some medical bills and trauma.

The jury found in favor of the Humphreys, with $142  awarded to Amy for medical bills on one count and $6,173.72 in two counts for Tanner -- $1,173.72 for medical costs and $5,000 for pain and suffering.

The two-day trial included testimony from nine witnesses, with both defense counsel Heather Carlson of McDonald, Woodward and Carlson, Davenport and Lee Gunter of Joliet, attorney for the plaintiffs, having all nine witnesses on their lists to testify.