Jacobs honored by the Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Senator Mike Jacobs (D-Moline) has been honored by the Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors for his continued commitment to advocate on their behalf.

"This was given to him in special recognition of his ongoing advocacy in promoting self employment opportunities for blind men and women on Illinois state property," stated Mr. John Gordon Chairman of the Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors.  "Senator Mike Jacobs introduced what is now Public Act 96-0644 'The Blind Vendor Act' in the Senate and without our good friend and advocate I believe this would have never become a reality."

Originally Senate Bill 2045, 'The Blind Vendor Act' was signed into law in August 2009.  This law mirrors the Federal Randolph-Sheppard Act of 1936 which gives priority to blind men and women in the operation of vending machines and concessions on all federal property.  This law has helped create vending and concession businesses for blind men and women.

This law takes blind men and women from the rosters of public aide, to taxpaying self-employed individuals who purchase collectively millions of dollars of merchandise through Illinois companies each year. This measure has made a positive impact on the Illinois economy.

"The Jacobs family from our current Senator Mike Jacobs, to his father past Senator Denny Jacobs and even  to his Grandfather past Senator Oral Jacobs; they have all been our champions in making blind men and women's lives richer and fuller in allowing us to live the American dream," stated Mr. Gordon.  "The Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors wants to extend our deepest appreciation to Senator Michael Jacobs for the impact he has had on all of our lives."