Citizens Party sweeps Aledo city races

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Citizens Party candidates swept through the Aledo city races sweeping out several incumbents in Tuesday, April 4's consolidated election.

William (Bill) Breeden won 81 percent of the vote for mayor in Aledo securing 1,087 votes to Richard E. Hunter's 241.

A total of 3,254 ballots were cast in the election from the 14,230 registered voters.

In Ward 1 Chris Hagloch (Cit) defeated Robert Rillie (Dem) 251-64.

In Ward 2 Patrick Rentfro (Cit) defeated Ryan W. Maynard (Dem) 199-51.

In Ward 3 Michael G. Chaussee (Cit) defeated Richard E. Maynard, Jr. (Dem) 314-149.

In Ward 4 Robert (Jay) Doherty (Cit) defeated Randy Franks 193-79

Chiles, Smock and Tucker elected to Mercer County School Board

Former Westmer teacher Barbara Ann Chiles was the leading vote getter in the Mercer County School Board election. Chiles drew 1,110 voters. Also elected were Bill Smock, 961 and Marta Tucker, 939.

Following the election Chiles said , "You feel humbled. Taxpayers have supported your candidacy. You feel humbled by their support of you."

Candidates not elected were: Ryan Struble, 683, Michael Lee Retherford, 623, Jessica Sackville, 488; Greg Beckman, 363 and Joseph Olson, 339.

Library and School facility tax defeated

The school facilities tax was voted down by the voters 1,965 to 1,079. Money from the tax would have been placed in the school district's facility fund.

The Mercer Carnegie Library tax was also defeated 821-713.

New Boston

The village of New Boston will have anew mayor as Christopher T. DeFrieze defeated incumbent Dennis Dixon, 118-82.

The cace to fill the alderman position in Ward 2 for a two-year term was won by Doug Ramer, Sr. with 22 votes to Gary I. Adams' 11 votes.


Jeanette Guile won election to the position of village clerk of Matherville. Guild defeated Karen Adams 92 votes to 58.


Terry Ayers (Cit) won election to fill the unexpired two year term of the village president of Sherrard. Ayers defeated Floyd A. Creger (Ind) 117-72.

There were six candidates to fill the three four-year terms for trustee for the village of Sherrard. Winning election were Delbert Henry, 116; Paula Rath, 100 and Charles "Chuck" Hoexter, 99.  Raymond Schwab, 72 votes; Geraldine M. Bristow, 66 and Susan M. Mesa, 51, were not elected to seats.

Andrew "Andy" Sanquist won election to the unexpired two year term as trustee of the village of Sherrard. Sanquist had 98 votes to Milton Charles Box's 55 and Betty Davis' 36.