Verschoore-Backed Fraud Hotline Legislation Passes Senate, Heads to Governor

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Legislation co-sponsored by state Rep. Pat Verschoore (D-Milan) to create a toll-free “Fraud Hotline” for citizens to report fraud and abuse in state government to the Illinois auditor general’s office unanimously passed the Senate on Tuesday.

“As we are crafting our budgets and streamlining our state spending, I believe it is important to have an easy way for the citizens of our state to report any fraud or abuses they see in the system,” said Verschoore. “We must be working to ensure that we are spending taxpayer dollars responsibly. By providing a fraud hotline we are taking a strong stance against criminal activity and fraudulent spending.”

House Bill 93 creates a fraud hotline to provide citizens a mechanism to report allegations of fraud in the executive branch. The auditor general can investigate the allegations or refer investigations to the appropriate jurisdiction. Currently, the auditor general’s office is responsible for reviewing and auditing both the finances and legal compliance of state agencies.

To further encourage eliminating waste and fraud, Verschoore is asking all residents who have substantive ideas on ways to save the state money to consider submitting a form to the State Government Suggestion Award Board. Individuals who submit ideas that are usable and result in actual money saved are given a reward. The more money the state saves from the idea, the better the reward the individual receives.

“Having a means for individuals to report abuses as well as offer suggestions on fiscal responsibility can help yield savings that help the state run more efficiently,” said Verschoore. “I will continue looking for ways to save the state money while also cracking down on any fraudulent activities. I hope the governor will act quickly on this helpful piece of legislation.”

House Bill 93 passed the House and Senate unanimously and now heads to the governor for further consideration. For more information on Rep. Verschoore’s legislation, please contact his constituent services office at (309) 558-3612.