Committees at work in new administration

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter
Janice Green, former Aledo city administrator, stuck around long enough at Monday's June 6, 2011 city council meeting to receive some words of praise from Mayor Bill Breeden (left) and a thank you plaque. Terry Dove (second from left) began his job as Aledo city administrator Monday, June 6. Dove is also serving as Aledo's chief of police.

Several members of Aledo City Council held committee meetings in May ramping up city response to issues such as sidewalks, water mains, sewer systems and cemetery issues. Discussions over what each committee is working on was one change seen in the new administration at Aledo City Hall at Monday's June 6 city council meeting.

The public property committee, headed by Alderman Tab Balmer, met with members of the Aledo Fire Department in May. The council learned the two parties have come to an agreement on the sale of the Henderson lot just east of Central Park. The matter will be voted on at the June 20, 2011 meeting, after the contracts are firmed up, Mayor Bill Breeden said. There were no details released on the matter during the meeting.

The property committee will next meet on June 27 in city hall chambers at 6 p.m.

One absence noted at the meeting was City Attorney Mark Walton. Mayor Breeden told the council that the city is looking at ways to save money on legal fees and since there weren't any pressing legal matters for this council meeting, Walton was not needed. He pointed out that any alderman with a legal question needs to coordinate with the city administrator, so that questions can be bundled, making best use of the attorney's time.

Each time the city attorney is contacted it costs the city a minimum of one-half hour.

"If there is an opportunity for him not to be at a meeting, he won't be there," said City Administrator Dove.


There were two individuals coming before the city council during the committee of the whole meeting. Jim Mizner, representing the Mercer County VFW's building committee asked the council look at rectifying a situation where the asphalt on the north and south sides of the building is higher than the building's sidewalk, causing some water pooling in the summer and an ice skating rink situation in the winter. That matter was referred to the building committee to work with Steve Moller, public works director.

A second request came from Bob Figenbaum who is concerned about some sidewalk settling and buckling near his residence. This matter was also sent along to the streets and property committee.