Back to business at the Davenport Speedway

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After the annual break for the Great Mississippi Valley Fair, the Davenport Speedway will roar back into action this Friday, August 12th. With just three point races remaining in the season, the battles for the 2011 track championships will be hotly contested.

The Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model season is becoming a tussle between two drivers. Defending track and IMCA national late model champion, Ray Guss Jr. (Milan, Ill.), trails Nate Bueseling of Silvis by only four points. Both drivers have captured two feature wins in the nine races held this season.

While the late model point race is tight, the Engineering Maintenance Service IMCA Modifieds are in a battle royale. Five drivers, Doug Crampton, Dean McGee, Thad Wilson, Bob Dominacki, and Brian Webb are all within eleven points. Dominacki, with five victories, trails point leader Webb by a single point, while Wilson trails Webb by two points.

The Koehler Electric Street Stock class is led by Jeremy Marquette of Davenport, with five feature wins. Cary Brown is second, 16 points back, and has one feature win.

The LuJack Auto Plaza 4 Stock class has again led the way with the most disqualifications this season. Wade Dahl has two victories and leads the points. Second place Luke Thurness is eleven markers back.

The racing action will return to the Davenport Speedway quarter-mile dirt oval on Friday, August 12th. That evening will be Kids Back to School Night.

The August 19th racing program will include Powder Puff Races. The 2011 Season Championships will be run on Friday, August 26th.

The Davenport Speedway is located at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, on West Locust Street, in Davenport. Pit gates at The Davenport Speedway open at 4:30 p.m. Hot laps are at 6:30pm and racing starts at 7pm.

For more information on DRT TRAK Racing events, visit our website at, or call (563) 652-5302.

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                                    Davenport Speedway              

                                    Point Standings                      

                                    as of August 9, 2011               

Pos.     Car #    Driver                                       Points   Hometown

Petersen Plumbing and Heating IMCA Late Models                                                       

1.         46         Nate Beuseling**                       350       Slvis, IL

2.         58         Ray Guss Jr.**                          346       Milan, IL

3,         77         Stephan Kammerer*                   325       Blue Grass, IA

4.         O7        Matt Ryan                                 318       Davenport, IA

5.         R19      Joe Ross*                                 281       Thomson, IL

6.         14         Mike Murphy Jr.*                       280       Colona, IL

7.         11         Jeff Stevens*                            266       Davenport, IA

8.         z           Mike Zemo Jr.                           262       Davenport, IA

9.         G1        Mike Garland                             246       Morrison, IL

10.        21H      Brian Harris*                              226       Davenport, IA

Engineering Maintenance Service IMCA Modifieds                                

1.         6          Brian Webb                               287       Davenport, IA

2.         5d        Bob Dominacki****                    286       Bettendorf, IA

3.         75         Thad Wilson*                             285       Moline, IL

4.         H7        Dean McGee                             279       Galesburg, IL

5.         42         Doug Crampton                         276       Rock Island, IL

6.         77         Joe Beal                                   262       Milan, IL

7.         85b       Brian Bushong                          248       Colona, IL

8.         53         Matt Stein*                                237       Davenport, IA

9.         67         John Ahlers*                             227       Bettendorf, IA

10.        31v       Casey Voss                              223       Davenport, IA

Koehler Electric Street Stocks                                                  

1.         11         Jeremy Marquette*****               361       Davenport, IA

2.         81         Cary Brown                               345       Davenport, IA

3.         6          Emily Gade*                              330       Clarence, IA

4.         39G      R. J. Gonzales*                         302       Moline, IL

5.         8L         Chris Lawrence                          301       Colona, IL

6.         76         Brian Ritter                                296       Davenport, IA

7.         33         Gerald Ward                              221       East Moline, IL

8.         31         Henry Carson                            206       Orion, IL

9.         86         Nick Claussen                           178       Blue Grass, IA

10.        12t        Tim Current**                             160       Bernard, IA

LuJacks Auto Plaza 4 Stocks                                                   

1.         D26      Wade Dahl**                             358       Blue Grass, IA

2.         44         Luke Thurness                           347       Davenport, IA

3.         51A      Chris James**                           331       Davenport, IA

4.         D17      Brandon Dahl                            307       Blue Grass, IA

5.         89         Nick Bennett                             296       Eldridge, IA

6.         357       Robert Hines                             239       Davenport, IA

7.         1          Jason Blocker*                          228       Eldridge, IA

            48H      Aaron Hitt*                                228       Davenport, IA

9.         21         Dale Tucker                               222       East Moline, IL

10.        15         Shawn James                            209       Davenport, IA

·         Denotes 2011 feature win(s)