Davenport Speedway 8/12/11 Race Results

Mike McGuire

The Davenport Speedway roared back into action Friday night, after a two week hiatus for the Mississippi Valley Fair. The beautiful full moon in the summer night sky was generous to some and a bad omen to others.

The Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model feature was hard on top contenders, as Ray Guss Jr., Terry Neal, and Nate Bueseling all failed to reach the checkers.

The race started with pole sitter Chad Patch leading the first two laps. After a lap three caution, Bart Miller jumped out front. Miller would hold the top spot until late into the race, when he came under attack from Matt Ryan on the bottom and Stephan Kammerer on the high side. On the final lap contact between the leaders allowed Kammerer to go by on the high side and collect his second feature win of the season at Davenport. Ryan would recover to finish second, followed by Miller, Mike Zemo Jr., and Jeff Stevens, in that order.

Pole sitter, Todd Dykema, would also grab the early lead in the EMS IMCA Modified feature. Dykema led the first seven laps, before yielding to Mitch Morris. Morris led a handful of laps, before handing the lead to Bob Dominacki. Morris would pull into the infield a lap later.

Dominacki would drive to his fifth feature win of the year. IMCA Modified point leader, Brian Webb finished second, right in Dominacki’s tire tracks. John Ahlers took third, with Chuck Hanna and Dean McGee rounding out the top five.

In the first feature of the evening was the Koehler Electric Street Stock main. Once again the pole sitter, Josh Starr, led the first three laps of the race. A restart on lap four saw Emily Gade take the point and lead until lap eleven. On lap eleven, Gade’s car came to a stop in turn two, bringing out the caution flag.

Jeremy Marquette would come away from the caution with the lead and take his sixth feature win of the season. RJ Gonzales scored a second place finish, with Bryan Ritter a strong third. Henry Carson and Starr were fourth and fifth respectively. Only six cars reached the checkers.

The LuJack’s 4 Stock feature was the last of the evening, but possibly the most exciting. This time outside pole sitter, Chris James led the first nine laps of the 12-lapper. Ken Poole took the lead on lap ten and looked in position to take his first feature win of the year.

On the final lap, coming out of turn two, Poole got tagged from behind and turned sideways in front of the second and third place cars. Somehow, the trio managed not to wreck themselves or anyone else.

Chris James retook the lead and his third win on the year. Gene Potter kept his foot on the gas and finished second. Luke Thurness was third, with Poole recovering to take fourth. 4 Stock point leader, Wade Dahl scored a fifth place finish.

Friday was Kids ‘Back to School’ Night at the racetrack, with a bicycle race held after the stock cars were finished. Lucas Stevens was the winner.

Next Friday, August 19th, is the next to last race of the 2011 regular season. Powder Puff races will held in conjunction with the racing program.

Davenport Speedway

August 12, 2011

Results -

Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Models (19 cars)

Heat 1: 1. Terry Neal 2. Ray Guss Jr.; 3. Bart Miller; 4. Jeff Stevens;

Heat 2: 1. Kevin Blum; 2. Leroy Brenner; 3. Terry Ryan; 4. Nate Bueseling; 5. Joe Ross;

Heat 3: 1. Marty Diercks; 2. Mike Zemo Jr.; 3. Stephan Kammerer; 4. Chad Patch; 5. Travis Denning;

Feature: 1. Stephan Kammerer; 2. Matt Ryan; 3. Bart Miller; 4. Mike Zemo Jr.; 5. Jeff Stevens; 6. Joe Ross; 7. Doug Nigh; 8. Spencer Diercks; 9. Chad Patch; 10. BJ Bates; 11. Travis Denning; 12. Ray Guss Jr.; 13. Kevin Blum; 14. Marty Diercks; 15. Leroy Brenner; 16. Terry Neal; 17. Nate Bueseling; 18. Mike Garland;  

EMS IMCA Modifieds (17 cars)

Heat 1: 1. Casey Voss; 2. Brian Bushong; 3. Jake Bowman; 4. Brian Webb; 5. Joe Beal;

Heat 2: 1. Mitch Morris; 2. Todd Dykema; 3. Bob Dominacki; 4. Chuck Hanna; 5. Dean McGee;

Feature: 1. Bob Dominacki; 2. Brian Webb; 3. John Ahlers; 4. Chuck Hanna; 5. Dean McGee; 6. Jake Bowman; 7. Casey Voss; 8. Thad Wilson; 9. Brian Bushong; 10. Craig Crawford; 11. Doug Crampton; 12. Matt Stein; 13. Dwaine Hasson; 14. Mitch Morris; 15. Todd Dykema; 16. Bruce Fosdyck Jr.; 17. Joe Beal;

Koehler Electric Street Stocks (11 cars)

Heat 1: 1. Cary Brown; 2. Bryan Ritter; 3. Emily Gade; 4. Jeremy Marquette; 5. Josh Starr;

Feature: 1. Jeremy Marquette; 2. RJ Gonzales; 3. Bryan Ritter; 4. Henry Carson; 5. Josh Starr; 6. Nick Claussen; 7. Emily Gade; 8. Gerald Ward; 9. Cary Brown;

LuJacks Northpark Auto Plaza 4 Stocks (15 cars)

Heat 1: 1. Brandon Dahl; 2. Ken Poole; 3. Jason Blocker; 4. Wade Dahl; 5. Gene Potter;

Heat 2: 1. Chris James; 2. Aaron Hitt; 3. Andy Wagener; 4. Luke Thurness; 5. Kyle Rhoads;

Feature: 1. Chris James; 2. Gene Potter; 3. Luke Thurness; 4. Ken Poole; 5. Wade Dahl; 6. Aaron Hitt; 7. Nick Bennett; 8. Brandon Dahl; 9. Jason Blocker; 10. Andy Wagener; 11. Kyle Rhoads; 12. Zach Dahl; 13. James Parr; 14. Robert Hines; 15. Shawn James;