Tree downed at the courthouse

Melonie McLaughlin/General Manager
Early Thursday morning (Aug. 25, 2011) Etheridge Tree Service removed a 65-foot Linwood tree from the north yard of the Mercer County Courthouse. Daryl Etheridge is going up in the bucket truck to begin topping the tree. After what seemed like a few minutes, the tree was down. More pictures can be seen on, Photo Reprints and in the photo gallery.

Early this morning in Aledo in the Mercer County Courthouse north yard, Etheridge Tree Service of Aledo removed a 65-foot dead tree. The tree was a  Linwood that had been damaged in a storm earlier this spring and had begun to die out.

After Daryl Etheridge was done with the bucket work Earl Etheridge starting working with his chain saw on the ground to cut down the base of the tree.

Daryl Etheridge was in the bucket cutting sections and branches a little at a time. It took four different sized chain saws to completely take the tree down.

Earl Etheridge was assisting from the ground, getting saws ready for Daryl in the bucket.