Contentious county board seats Maynard

Robert Blackford/Editor
Mercer County Board member David Maynard, left, is sworn in by Mercer County Clerk Phyllis Bewley.

The Mercer County Board seated Dave Maynard Tuesday night at its Sept. 6 meeting but not without a fight.

The Mercer County Board accepted the resignation of long-time board member Charlie Box and commenced the process of replacing him. The Mercer County Democratic Central Committee reccomended David Maynard of Matherville as Box's replacement. Maynard previously served on the board but lost in the last election.

While the Democratic Central Committee made the reccomendation the county board still had to approve Maynard.

County Board member Brian Anseuuw objected to the choice of Maynard stating the voters in the district sent a clear message at the last election. “This is and insult to the electoral process,” said Anseuuw. “I can't believe the Democrats can't find another candidate.”  Anseuuw said he felt the selection of Maynard violated the voter's trust. Anseuuw also noted Maynard was a relative of fellow board members Tom Haines and Floyd Utz and asked Assistant States Attorney Meeghan Lee to request Haines and Utz recuse themselves from voting on the seating of Maynard.

Lee refused to ask either to step aside. Utz noted that his relationship with Maynard was that he was married to his wife's cousin did not recuse himself.

Maynard was seated by a 5-3 vote with Anseuuw, Fred Rooth and Ron Fullerlove voting against Maynard and Utz, Haines, Jeff McWhorter, Maxine Henry, and Bill Olson voting to seat him.

Denise Bulat of the Bi-State Regional Commission was on hand to delilver new brochures about Bi-State to the board and explain a little bit about the commission's work with the county. The commission works in Henry, Rock Island and Mercer counties in Illinois and Scott and Muscatine counties in Iowa.

Bulat noted that the commission is working on setting up a revolving loan fund between Mercer and Muscatine counties. Bulat noted the commission helped set up a $1 million revolving loan fund in the 1980s in Scott and Rock Island counties and that fund has now made more than $8.5 million in loans in those two counties.

Under zoning the board approved a variance fo an addition by Barry Robertson as well as a conditional use permit for Jason Soseman. Soseman asked the board for permission to speak about the variance after it had been passed to request the board not review a variance complaint being made against him. Board chairman Maxine Henry told Soseman that he wasn't on the agenda to speak about the complaint and noted that it would be handled in zoning. Soseman continued to speak at which point he was gaveled down by Henry.

Henry appointed new board member Maynard along with Anseuuw and Fullerlove to the Mercer County University of Illinois Extension board at the request of director Tony Franklin.

Henry also appointed Fullerlove to the Workforce Development Board of Rock Island, Henry and Mercer counties to replace Dr. Glenda Foy who resigned.

Fullerlove thanked County Clerk Phyllis Bewley for her work to clean up the voter's registration card rolls.