New Community Foundation Announced for East Moline

Ashlee Boers

A news conference held this morning at the East Point Metro Facility, 1201 14th Avenue, East Moline, Illinois announced the establishment of a new foundation for the community of East Moline.

    Chairman of the newly formed East Moline Foundation, Doug Reynolds said, “I grew up, went to school and had my business in East Moline. I want to give back to the community. This can be accomplished by creating a foundation.  Other communities have a foundation…now East Moline will have one too.  We have many needs that need to be answered.”   The group also announced a Leadership Challenge Grant of $108,000 that will match all gifts made to the East Moline Foundation in the next year.  The amount of the fund signifies the 108 year old history of the City of East Moline as it was established in 1903.   

    Co-founder Ben Ryan, Jr. noted, "Many loyal East Moline natives toil at their life's work only to  find that, when finally successful, no entity is available for promotional or  charitable gifts specifically directed to East Moline.  An East Moline  Foundation will alleviate this short coming and fill a need long overdue for a city of our history and size."  

    At this morning’s news conference, Bob Baecke said, “During the many years which East Moline has been incorporated as a city, there has never been a foundation established for charitable gifts.  We now have that opportunity and we are hopeful that the citizens of East Moline will join with us in making the East Moline Foundation a success for the future of our city.”  

    East Moline attorney, Bill Phares, noted, “East Moline has, for many years, lacked a permanent organization to independently evaluate community goals and needs.  We have needed a way to solicit contributions to fund programs to achieve those goals and meet those needs.  The East Moline Foundation will serve as this permanent organization for the citizens of East Moline.

    The East Moline Foundation will be led by an initial Board of Bob Baecke, Bill Phares, Ben Ryan, Jr. and Doug Reynolds.  Other citizens will be encouraged to join the work and leadership of the East Moline Foundation.  Donors and volunteers should contact:  William Phares, P.O. Box 457, East Moline, IL 61244-0457   (309) 796-0170.

    Leaders also acknowledged the partnership with The Moline Foundation as the East Moline Foundation will be formed as an affiliate fund with their neighboring community foundation to the west.

    The Moline Foundation Board Chairman Jon Tunberg said, “It’s a special day for East Moline and Moline and one that will influence lives in our communities for years to come.”  

    As a charitable foundation, The East Moline Foundation will offer a range of charitable funds, allowing donors to advance a cause such as education or the environment, support an individual organization, provide flexible support for community needs or recommend individual grants.  The East Moline Foundation will provide funding to health, human services, education, community, workforce and economic development development, the arts and other charitable organizations which benefit the citizens of  East Moline and the surrounding area in the Illinois Quad Cities.  The East Moline Foundation will receive and administer charitable gifts, grow an endowment fund, and handle additional funds to benefit donor wishes.   It will also serve as a catalyst and convener to bring about solutions to  problems affecting quality of life in the community.