Madigan leads surprise sex offender checks

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Investigators for Attorney General Lisa Madigan and the state Department of Human Services today conducted surprise compliance checks of sexually violent persons on conditional release across the state to help ensure safe neighborhoods for children and their families as they venture out for Halloween trick-or-treating.

Compliance checks were conducted in Chicago, Bellwood, Broadview, Berkeley, Forest Park, North Aurora, Rockford, Springfield, Danville, Urbana, Bloomington, Olney, Benton and Belleville.

“It’s imperative these violent offenders are rigorously and continually supervised,” Madigan said. “Frequent, unannounced compliance visits help us ensure that offenders really are where they say they are. Knowing their location is critical to ensuring that they don’t slip through the cracks and commit their heinous crimes again.”

Madigan said the joint operation found all 20 conditionally released offenders were in compliance with court-ordered restrictions. Courts released these offenders from DHS custody under orders with specific restrictions, such as where they may live and what type of treatment plans they must follow.

To be committed under the Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act, a person must be convicted of a sexually violent offense and exhibit a mental disorder. Prosecutors also must prove the offender is likely to commit future acts of sexual violence if released from custody. Once committed to the Department of Human Services as a sexually violent person, offenders are re-evaluated regularly to determine if they continue to meet the criteria for commitment.

Since enactment of the Act, 470 convicted sex offenders have been committed as sexually violent persons and are in the custody of DHS.