New Service Launch in Sherrard, Fyre Lake

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Aledo Times Record

 SpeedConnect, a premium wireless broadband provider offering services designed to support high usage demands, said they are now offering service in the Sherrard and Fyre Lake area.

General Manager Tony Lounsberry said SpeedConnect's technology is built for the rapid development of new online applications, the increasing popularity of uninterrupted streaming video and music choices, and the expanding demand for broadband and its bandwidth advantages.

SpeedConnect is providing transmitter locations at both the Village of Sherrard water tower and the water tower owned and operated by the Fyre Lake Water Co. These locations should provide near 100% coverage of Sherrard and Fyre Lake, and extend coverage well into the surrounding areas of Mercer and Rock Island counties – up to seven or eight miles from the towers.

In addition, SpeedConnect is providing several free connections to the Village of Sherrard and the Fyre Lake Water Company for the purpose of more efficiently conducting business at their designated locations (city hall, fire station, library, schools, etc.).  “We're excited about the opportunity to help the community with fast broadband Internet service. They're putting trust in our service and we're eager to 'wow' them with that service - just as we do for all of our customers," says Lounsberry.

SpeedConnect has a local staff and is operated out of North Liberty

About SpeedConnect

SpeedConnect, a leading provider of wireless broadband services, owns and uses FCC-licensed 2.5 GHz EBS and BRS spectrum and technology.  Parent LLC SpeedConnect is a Michigan Limited Liability Corporation and is principally owned by Robert G. Liggett and John A. Ogren. For more information, please visit: