Mother's Day half way around the world for Galesburg unit

Spc. Nicole Burbach, 444th Chemical Company

Holidays spent apart from your family and loved ones can be difficult. Mothers spending Mother's Day away from their children is particularly tough for some Soldiers deployed with the Illinois Army National Guard's 444th Chemical Company based in Galesburg.

"My mom has made an impact by being there for me through every downfall and she has taught me to be strong," said Sgt. Ashley Lasiowski of West Chicago.

Mother's Day was a reminder for the mothers with the 444th Chemical Company based in Galesburg, of how far they have come and how far they have left to go.

"I can't wait to go to all of their (her kids) sporting events when I get home," said Sgt. 1st Class Jennifer Dorsey of Moline. "They are all great athletes. I get compliments by different people all the time on how much my kids are loved and admired and it makes me so proud."

Dorsey was presented with flowers shortly after running the Mother's Day 5K at Camp Virginia. It was a surprise set up by her family back home.

"I feel so blessed to be a mother and was so happy to see such a beautiful arrangement of flowers from my family, especially when you don't get to see colors and blossoms like that here," said the mother of four.

Mothers deployed to Camp Virginia were not the only ones missing their children on Mother's Day. Rose Owen-Guthrie of Roseville, was thinking of her two deployed sons as any mother would.

"My sons left a handprint on my heart that will never fade and a love that will never die out... a mother's love," wrote Owen-Guthrie, mother of Sgt. Evan Guthrie of Macomb, and Spc. Jordan Guthrie of Roseville, Both Soldiers are deployed with the 444th Chemical Company.

For the Guthrie brothers, their mother has a message for them "I miss and think of you daily. Just the little things sometimes reminds me of you. Know that I am looking forward to this time passing as quickly as it can so you can return home to all of us who love you so dearly. I love you boys."

The Galesburg based unit deployed in February and is expected to return February 2013.