Please pass the Rhu-berry soda

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter
Pam Ricke, co-owner of The Vintage Button sells a bottle of some Rhu-berry soda to Emma VanVooren at this year's 2012 Rhubarb Festival.

Quality soda has been being produced in Spring Grove, Minn. since 1895. A tagline on the Spring Grove Bottling Works, Inc. web site touts its products this way -- The Fountain of Youth... It’s Nostalgia in a Bottle!

Rhubarb Festival goers were able to bring some nostalgia to their palates this year by purchasing a bottle of Rhu-berry soda. This new product was sold both at The Vintage Button and a booth in Aledo Central Park.

 Vintage Button owners drove eight hours this week to Spring Grove, Minn., to bring back 40 cases of the soda (24 bottles to the case) -- double the amount of the Oogave soda they sold at last year's festival.

"This is soda made the old fashioned way," said Pam Ricke, co-owner with Pam Myers and Beth Whitenack of The Button House located on the corner of Main St. and College Ave.

The Rhubarb soda was specially commissioned for this year's Rhubarb Festival. "We'll probably order a lot more next year," said Ricke.

For more information on Spring Grove Bottling Works see their web site at

If you're coming to the festival to sample rhubarb or buy a rhubarb pie, please plan on coming before noon for the best selection.

The Central Park bandshiell has live music or entertainment both days until 7 p.m. on Friday night and 6 p.m.Saturday night.