Blick closing in on funding for documentary

Robert Blackford

Aledo filmmaker Matt Blick is closer to securing funding for his documentary "Not Forgotten."  

The Times Record did a feature on Blick's film "Not Forgotten - The Untold Story of Ausism in Ukraine"  in the paper's June 6 edition.

Blick has entered "Not Forgotten" into a contest through the "Cultivate Wines" website in hopes of completing the documentary. First prize is $50,000 and the second through sixth place winners received $10,000. "Not Forgotten" is currently in eighth place but is quickly narrowing the gap.

"We've been steadily gaining on the seventh place," said Blick. "We had 113 votes on Monday and 120 votes on Tuesday, both were record breakers. Two weeks ago we were 230 votes out of seventh, now we are 75 behind." 

On June 20 they were within 200 votes of fifth place.

Blick said, "I've been working with a PR guy in Peoria" in an attempt to boost his numbers in the Peoria area churches. In the last week Blick has become involved with the social media site LIfe Craze which has 35,000 users. Life Craze has  The users will get points for voting for Blick's film which they can use to help win prizes.

To see Blick's work and to vote for his film go to The voting for the project ends June 30. The site also lists instructions on how to vote since Blick discovered some of his votes weren't being counted and he is updating the website regularly with how the project is going.